Game guides/cheat tools

Super Robot Wars F Final Mecha and pilot lists, Action Replay codes for Saturn

The following tools are pretty well obsolete, being 16-bit DOS programs meant for use with old DOS-based emulators...

Seiken Densetsu 3 stats editor (for ZSNES .ZS? files) Ys gold util (for MASSAGE .MSD files)

Phantasy Star II inventory editor (Genecyst .GSV files)

Phantasy Star III meseta util (Genecyst .GS? files)

Finished Games and Demos

Lazerverse - a 4KB Windows demo

WHAT RPG beta updated April 2015. This is an RPG in TurboGrafx-16 ROM format. Check the WHAT.TXT file for more information

THE DUNGEON - small Saturn demo (load at $06004000) with source demonstrating 60hz interlaced rendering on VDP1, color addition on VDP2, controller input in SH2 direct mode, and FM sound playing from a 68K routine (does not work correctly in yabause)

nascent0 - Sharp X68000 demo with music by Askai (source included)

STRANGE GAME - (2nd place @party 2012 oldskool demo) TurboGrafx16 ROM image. (source code)

Frozen demo - small Saturn gfx demo (load at $06004000) with source

Jet Fighter Z - This is a PC (DOS) Shmup game which needs a 386 and VGA to run. I wrote it in QuickBASIC and assembly language.

Mecha Taisen on Planet Oldskool - This is a SRW-inspired game for MSX computers that I made for MSXDEV '06. (original version)

Mecha Taisen on Planet Oldskool Plus updated version with source (March 2010)

Enshoku - this is version .91 (June '05) of my TG shmup ROM image. The source, associated tools, gfx, and a bit of documentation are available here. Although it is an unfinished game, I don't plan on going any further.

MEGAMI - a simple demo for Atari 8-bit computers an Atari DOS executable and cart ROM image in one

J-IDOLS - a slideshow demo for the TG showing photos reduced to 16x 16-color palettes ROM and source

SUPERAS 0.93 - an assembler for the Saturn's Hitachi SH2 CPU.

SUPERAS demos - a couple of demos for the Saturn showing a bitmap at 640x448x8bit and 320x448x15bit.

Current projects

MBFAST - release 0.92 of my 3D model editor (supports STL files). Includes Win32/DOS binaries and FreeBASIC source.

IMGTOOL - my 2D image editor (BMP and limited JPG,PNG support). Includes Win32/DOS binaries and FreeBASIC source. release 0.91 release 0.92d release 0.93

Miscellaneous and unfinished projects

VGM2X - silly FreeBASIC program which can take an uncompressed VGM file (Sega Genesis/MD music) and convert it to a Human68K executable.

BMP tools - simulating the capabilities of classic (or hypothetical) graphics hardware in 24-bit bitmaps

Damage Tracker 3.03 - here is finally an update to my tracker (which is still not good) for editing music for my own PSG music player routine. here

Meiro Sensou for GBA - inspired by MAZEWAR on the Atari, this was my first and only ARM7 assembly project. Multiplayer support was planned but not implemented.

Jet Fighter Z - an NES game which I haven't worked on in quite a while, here is a demo ROM JFZNES.ZIP

Jet Fighter Z for Gameboy Color the junk

Frothigu for Turbo Grafx the junk

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