my laptop PC reviews

AVI4HV utility for converting uncompressed AVI to a lump of HAM6 images which can be replayed on the Amiga. (updated 2014/07/13) hvconvert tool for converting videos under Linux. Video clips: Koi ga Shitai (~28MB) Itoshi Kimi e (~39MB) Zeta Gundam (~33MB) Guilty (~50MB, AGA/HAM8)

Miho Kanno's Official Site at Ken-on

Moonblaster stuff MSX scene music utilizing two FM synths arranged in stereo

Zeograd's lair home of Hu-Go!, HuC, and many homebrew PC-Engine / TG16 creations (including my own)

OLD-COMPUTERS a site which includes a great database of old computers from around the world

Computer Hakubutsukan another computer history site, this one hosted by the Information Processing Society of Japan

VOGONS retro PC hardware/gaming forum

Shmups! site dedicated to the scrolling shoot'em up genre

FreeBASIC Compiler with DOS, Linux, and Windows versions that offers some modern features and limited QUICKBASIC compatibility

some video hardware info for the Sharp X68000 (translated to English)

files needed to add Japanese keyboard layouts to Windows NT 3.51 (unzip in system32)

utilities for manipulating Intel Speedstep and AMD PowerNow! voltage/multiplier settings under DOS (tested on Pentium M, Core 2, Athlon 64 X2, Turion 64, includes source)